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Whether it be a new hire, a short-term assignment, or a permanent transfer, our Concierge Relocation Service is changing how businesses solve the most complex mobility challenges across the highest levels of corporate leaders.

Our Winning Formula

Our Unique Approach That Covers All of the Bases

Mobility is far more than just moving. At Dingman, we've built a suite of solutions that solves every single mobility need, for individuals and groups, from start to finish.


From household goods, to pet and vehicle transportation, to short-term and long-term storage options, we ensure all of your precious personal belongings get from point A to point B safely and securely.

Real Estate

Whether you’re selling your current home, buying a new one, or renting, we have a team of real estate experts to manage all of your property needs.

Franchise & Group Moves

Whether you're relocating your headquarters, expanding to a new city, or moving your entire executive team, we specialize in managing large-scale, complex group moves effortlessly.

The Dingman Difference

Why Dingman

With our team, you can expect an elite mobility experience, from start to finish.

One Solution for Your Top Leadership

We thrive in the top tiers. Whether it’s your core C-suite, executive team, or your top leaders, we can help you manage their mobility needs with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

A C-Suite Treatment

It’s in our DNA to serve leaders. We pride ourselves in delivering a seamless and stress-free experience that’s ultra high-touch so that you and your C-Suite team always feel taken care of.

A Supplemental Solution for Your Top Team

We’re team players. We’re typically brought in to take over the critical executive relocations, giving them an extra layer of service and attention, while the existing relocation partner takes care of the rest of the company.

Time Back So Your Leaders Can Lead

We understand leaders are balancing the weight of the world. With Dingman, we’ll handle every logistical detail so they can spend more of their time and energy on the ideas and strategies that propel your company forward.

Real Estate Access that Creates an Advantage

We’re well connected with like-kind buyers. Our proprietary real estate database gives you access to our high-profile network which means luxury properties are socialized among the right buyers to move off the market faster.

A Direct Dial to Your Dedicated Team

We’re focused on you. With Dingman, you’ll be teamed up with a dedicated mobility expert that’s focused on providing you, and your executives, with a premium experience.

How We Do It

All of Your Precious Belongings, Taken Care Of

We know that executives are always on the move. Wherever you are and wherever you’re going, we can help get you there. We’ll come pack up your home, transport all of your household goods and vehicles to your new city, and then unpack and organize everything before you even walk in the door. From your furniture and clothes to your desk and dishes, we have an entire team that will be dedicated to helping you and your family get settled quickly.

Our Technology-Forward Solutions

One Platform That Brings Everyone and Everything Together

Our technology gives you real-time access to your entire mobility game plan. With important highlights shared and stored digitally, you’ll always be a few clicks away from knowing the latest developments in your mobility project.

One Portal for All of the Details

Our OTM technology consolidates everything into one convenient spot so you can quickly and easily:

  • Chat directly with your dedicated mobility expert
  • Track every moving piece, from your household goods arrival to pending home sale
  • Monitor your entire project budget, or specific expense line items
  • Uncover insights with pre-built report templates
  • Access historical information to simplify your next project

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