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We specialize in helping public and private colleges and universities solve complex relocation challenges. With a deep understanding of the various types of relocation packages, we can build a solution that fits your institution’s policy and budget - whether that be a lump sum, stipend, percentage of income, or direct billing.

Our Winning Formula

Our Unique Approach That Covers All of the Bases

Mobility is far more than just moving. At Dingman, we've built a suite of solutions that solves every single mobility need, for individuals and groups, from start to finish.


From household goods, to pet and vehicle transportation, to short-term and long-term storage options, we ensure all of your precious personal belongings get from point A to point B safely and securely.

Real Estate

Whether you’re selling your current home, buying a new one, or renting, we have a team of real estate experts to manage all of your property needs.

Franchise & Group Moves

Whether you're relocating your franchise and people, expanding to a new city, or moving your entire corporate operation, we specialize in managing large-scale, complex group moves effortlessly.

Team Logistics

From home and visiting team gameday trucking to training camp logistics and equipment moves, we’re experts at team logistics ensuring your team is always ready to win.

The Dingman Difference

Why Dingman

With our team, you can expect an elite mobility experience, from start to finish.

One Solution for Your Entire Institution

We can do it all. From coaches to athletic trainers to resident medical staff, we help colleges and universities manage everything from a single one-off relocation to a complex group move.

A Network that Saves You Time

We know how to get the job done. Since 2006, we’ve specialized in mobility which means we have the network, resources, and processes to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and on-budget.

A Better Way to Manage Your Budget

We understand that every dollar counts. Our technology is designed to help find the best solution based on your budget and give you transparency into each dollar spent so there are never any surprises at the time of billing.

Confidence in the Details

We give administrators confidence that all of the moving pieces are covered. Life-altering moves are far less daunting when your employees know there’s an entire team of experts that’s looking out for them.

Time Back to Focus on Your Job

We know that you have countless other responsibilities. We’ll handle every logistical and real estate element of your employees’ relocations so you can spend your time and energy on your core job responsibilities.

A Dedicated Point of Contact

We’re just one phone call, text, or IM away. You’ll be teamed up with a dedicated mobility expert that’s committed to providing a premium customer experience. With Dingman, you can always count on us to be there when you need us.

How We Do It

From Tuscaloosa to Ann Arbor and Everywhere In Between

We know that higher education athletic administrators and professionals are constantly on the move. At Dingman, our goal is to eliminate all of the guesswork and make the process as simple as possible.

We’ll start with a detailed needs assessment so we can fully understand your unique needs. Next, our mobility experts will prepare a custom plan for your upcoming project. You’ll also get access to our On the Move™ technology so you can track each milestone and offer your employees a robust relocation resource center, completely customizable for your institution.

Our Technology-Forward Solutions

One Platform That Brings Everyone and Everything Together

Our technology gives you real-time access to your entire mobility game plan. With important highlights shared and stored digitally, you’ll always be a few clicks away from knowing the latest developments in your mobility project.

One Portal for All of the Details

Our OTM technology consolidates everything into one convenient spot so you can quickly and easily:

  • Chat directly with your dedicated mobility expert
  • Track every moving piece, from your household goods arrival to pending home sale
  • Monitor your entire project budget, or specific expense line items
  • Uncover insights with pre-built report templates
  • Access historical information to simplify your next project

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