One Platform for All of Your Mobility Projects

For years, people have tried managing complex mobility projects across a patchwork of providers and various technology platforms. We knew there was a better way so we built a revolutionary new solution - our On The Move technology. Our platform has changed the game by bringing everything - and everyone - together in one place.

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The Dingman Difference

The Power of Our On the Move™ Technology

As the only technology-forward mobility solution that is customer, supplier, and account facing, our On the Move™ technology is designed to provide you with complete transparency and control across all of your mobility projects.

Real-Time Information

We give you down-to-the-minute updates across every aspect of your mobility projects. Whether you’re confirming your household goods delivery date or tracking the arrival of your team’s gameday equipment, our platform ensures you always have the latest information.

Robust Reporting

Our platform gives you the power to slice and dice data to uncover deep insights. From summary, bird’s-eye views to detailed breakdowns on a specific GL code, you’ll always have access to robust reporting which means you can skip those painfully manual reporting processes.

Budget Management

With key financial metrics directly within the platform, you’ll always know precisely where you’re spending your relocation dollars. Setup alerts, custom filters, and automated reporting so that you can always keep a close eye on your budget without investing a ton of time.

Centralized Storage

Our platform gives you one central place to store all of your documents in an organized manner. Instead of searching through thousands of emails, our portal allows you to quickly and easily search for and locate all of your important documentation.

Easy Communication

We make it easier than ever before to share and receive important information. With consolidated communications across all parties involved, including our vendor network, information flows seamlessly so that no one is ever left out of the loop.

Smart History

We like saving everyone time and effort. That's why our OTM technology stores key information such as your previous addresses, past size requirements, points of contact, and other historical data to make your future projects more efficient.

Powerful Mobility Technology

All of the Updates in One Central Place

We don’t believe in hunting through countless emails, spreadsheets, texts, and notes to find the answer you’re looking for. That’s why we built an integrated technology platform that connects all of the moving pieces - and people - across your entire mobility project. With our On The Move (OTM) technology, you’ll always have real-time access to the latest developments so you feel informed and at ease throughout the entire process.

Scalable Mobility Technology

One Digital Home for All of Your Mobility Projects

Manytimes, our clients have multiple mobility projects in motion at any given time. We understand the value in measuring all of your projects holistically while also being able to dissect each individual one. That’s precisely why we designed our OTM technology so you can quickly and easily:

  • Chat with your dedicated Dingman team, in real-time, regarding any of your past, present, or upcoming projects
  • Track all of the major milestones, across all of your mobility projects, in one consolidated place
  • Keep a pulse on your entire mobility spend, or dive into the costs for one specific project, all within one tool
  • Track and store important addresses to simplify all of your mobility project paperwork

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