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We’re modern relocation management experts focused on serving the top echelon of sports and business. With decades of experience in mobility and our On The Move™ technology, we're making the complex, and often urgent, process of relocating simple.

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We're The Mobility Experts

Across Sports and Business

With more than 50 collective years of proven performance, we’ve mastered the art of relocating the highest level of leaders across the sports and business worlds.

Professional Sports

We help professional athletes, coaches, league, and front office professionals relocate when the call comes.

Collegiate Sports & Academics

We help coaches, athletic department staff, administrators, and university personnel relocate when it’s time to start a new chapter.

Corporate Leadership

We help senior corporate executives relocate when the newest career opportunity arises.

Who Are We

Bringing Leaders Home

Since 2006

We are the go-to mobility team that’s committed to delivering an exceptional client experience. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping the biggest names in professional and collegiate sports, as well as the top leaders across business, get to where they’re going, no matter where that may be.



of Major League Sports Teams

Dingman has been trusted to provide relocation services for players, coaches, and employees across nearly every major league sports franchise.



of Team Expansions & Franchise Relocations

Over the past decade, the large majority of professional sports organizations endeavoring relocation or expansion into new cities have awarded Dingman Group based on their expertise.




of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Americas

With a 1,499% 3-year revenue growth, The Dingman Group has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the Americas by Financial Times and Inc. 5000.



lbs of Household Goods Surveyed and Vehicles Transported per Year

People who work in professional and collegiate sports are constantly on the move. Their nomadic lifestyle keeps Dingman's elite relocation management services in heavy demand.

Where We Excel

Elite Mobility Services That

Gives You the Advantage

As the leading mobility management team for professional and collegiate sports, as well as corporate leadership, we’re committed to delivering an elite experience for our clients.


From household goods, to pet and vehicle transportation, to short-term and long-term storage options, we ensure all of your precious personal belongings get from point A to point B safely and securely.

Real Estate

Whether you’re selling your current home, buying a new one, or renting, we have a team of real estate experts to manage all of your property needs.

Franchise & Group Moves

Whether you're relocating your franchise and people, expanding to a new city, or moving your entire corporate operation, we specialize in managing large-scale, complex group moves effortlessly.

Team Logistics

From home and visiting team gameday trucking to training camp logistics and equipment moves, we’re experts at team logistics ensuring your team is always ready to win.

How We're Different

We Help Top Performers On The Move

We’re always working on the next big move, and for us, that means finding innovative new ways to simplify mobility - which is why we created our On the Move™ (OTM) technology and our On the Move media company.

The Technology that Put Us In the Big Leagues

Our technology gives you the entire game plan at your fingertips. Whether you want to quickly confirm your household goods pickup date before your team meeting, or know the status of your home purchase as you walk into the strategy briefing, we’ll keep you updated every single step of the way.

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The Real Stories Behind the Transactions

Relocating is inevitable for most of the sports world. It can be a heart-pounding, mind-boggling experience that often occurs out of the blue. With thousands of families relocating each year, we’re on a mission to share the stories behind the transactions so more families can have comfort and confidence during their life-altering transition, whenever that time comes.

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How We Do It

How We Answered the Call from Chargers Ownership

To Relocate Their Entire Franchise

When the Chargers, a leading NFL franchise, decided to relocate from San Diego to Los Angeles, they knew they needed a team of experts to help. As the go-to team in professional sports mobility, we got the call to manage their complex franchise move, which included everything from equipment and offices to relocating all of their players, coaches, staff and employees.

From franchise memorabilia to buying and selling homes to weight rooms and even servers, our mobility experts coordinated and executed every moving piece. Our team handled the breakdown, packing, transportation, unpacking, and setup to help get the Chargers settled quickly while minimizing operational disruptions and implementing cost-saving strategies.

The Leader in Modern Mobility

Why Dingman

With our team, you can expect an elite mobility experience, from start to finish.

One Person For All of Your Answers

With Dingman, you’ll be assigned a personal mobility expert who will be your right-hand person throughout the process. We plan every logistical detail so you can stay focused on all of your other important to-do items.

By-the-minute updates wherever you are

With our On The Move technology, you’ll always be a few seconds away from knowing the latest development across your project. Our technology gives you access to everything - and everyone - together in one centralized place.

Complete coverage of every detail

From your very first touchpoint to our final check-in after delivery, we’ll handle every fine detail with expertise. With nearly 20 years in the business, we know how to service the most discerning leaders with skill and precision.

Unparalleled privacy and confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality are paramount to us. We vet and train our team and vendors thoroughly so you have complete peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Stress-free solutions for the unexpected

We help thousands of people each year which means we’ve solved virtually every foreseeable problem. By expecting the unexpected, our mobility experts are trained to get ahead of potential problems that others can’t see.

A team to make the impossible happen

Over the years, we’ve seen it all. No matter how unique your mobility challenge is, we have a network of trusted and vetted partners that can make it happen. From custom household goods to entire stadium moves, we’ve done it.

Who We Work With
Los Angeles FC
Las Vegas Raiders
LA Rams
New York City FC
Orlando City SC
Nashville SC

Football Operations Manager for the Kansas City Chiefs 

The Dingman Group has been a trusted relocation partner of the Chiefs for several years now. Whatever relocation related needs our players, coaches and employees have we know we can trust The Dingman Group. It’s as simple as giving our most prizedpeople their number and letting them get to work.

 Mitch Reynolds

Director of Operations for the Indianapolis Colts 

The Dingman Group has a unique relocation management platform that we’ve been fortunate to utilize. They manage the quoting process on my behalf and then present relocation options and pricing in a way that’s easy for me to approve. They’re a one-stop-shop. 

jeff brown

Offensive Coordinator for the LAS VEGAS Raiders

Michael Lombardi

Dingman was the best we have ever dealt with during a move. We couldn't have asked for anyone better!

Client Relationship Manager at the Life Sports Agency

Juliana Campos

So grateful for the Dingman group and their awesome customer service to our NBA clients!

keynote speaker

The move and the entire Dingman team were great. I've never done a cross country move before so it was a new experience for me. Please pass along all my thanks to the larger Dingman team. I have already recommended Dingman to several friends!

Kim Kaupe

Retired All-Pro NFL Player (Panthers & Ravens)

Thank you for helping my mom buy a home while I was in training camp. It was comforting to know someone I trusted was looking out for her best interest related to price and location.

Steve smith

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