On The Move: Game-Changing Technology & Inspirational Stories

As the pioneers in the niche worlds of sports and executive leadership mobility, we’re focused on breaking the boundaries - whether that be through our state-of-the-art On The Move technology, or by sharing the true stories behind the transactions.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Technology that Put Us in the Big Leagues

From real-time visibility, to budget tracking, to seamless communication, our On The Move technology is designed to make your life easier. Every single Dingman client receives access to our game-changing mobility technology so you can monitor all of the moving pieces within one centralized place.

Inspiring Stories

The Real Stories Behind the Transactions

Across the sports world, thousands of families relocate each year. With many relocating for the first time and oftentimes without notice, we knew we could help. In 2021, we built our On The Move media arm, which is designed to share the stories of those who are traded or drafted so that more families can feel comforted and confident when it’s their time to relocate.

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